Circuit Clerk

On behalf of the Circuit Clerk’s Office I would like to welcome you to the 19 th Judicial Circuit Court’s website. My office maintains all court filings and records for the Court.

  • The Civil Division handles small claims cases, civil cases, adult abuse and any other actions involving family matters.
  • The Criminal Division handles information related to crimes once the State has deemed it has occurred.
  • The Juvenile Division retains records concerning actions filed by the Cole County Juvenile Office and adoptions.
  • The Probate Division maintains records concerning property belonging to a minor, an incompetent or a deceased person.

                                            - Cole County Circuit Clerk

The Cole County Circuit Court (19th Judicial Circuit) presents this material for informational purposes only. Please note that:

  • Accessing this site does not create or constitute, in any manner, an agreement or contract between the clerk’s office and the visitor.
  • While some of the information on this site is about legal issues, it is not legal advice.
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