Criminal Division

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide accurate and timely record keeping in a respectful and professional manner.

The Criminal Division maintains records for all Felonies, Misdemeanors and Infractions filed by the Cole County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and/or by a Grand Jury in session.

Crime Definitions

  • A Felony is a crime of such nature where a sentence of more than one year imprisonment can be imposed.
  • A Misdemeanor is any offense punishable by a fine and or incarceration for a maximum of a one year term in a local or county jail.
  • An Infraction is any offense where there is no authorized term of imprisonment and can only be punished by a monetary fine. Many Traffic Violations, such as speeding are infractions.

Entries of court activity can be assessed on most cases through Your Missouri Courts.

Traffic Information

Want to Pay Your Ticket?

Check to confirm your ticket has been filed by the Cole County Prosecuting Attorney. If your ticket has been filed you may be able to pay your fines and costs outside of a court appearance.

Click here for tickets that can be paid without court appearances.

If does not show your ticket as filed with the Court, the Court is NOT ABLE to receive any payment on your case.

Once your ticket is filed; the court will schedule a court date and send a summons for your appearance by mail to the address provided to law enforcement.

If you have any questions you may contact the court at
573-634-9150 ext. 2. You must have your ticket number or case ID.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Collection of Court Fees

Please view the Administrative Plan for Collection of Court Debt (PDF) document.

For more information please contact Prosecuting Attorney at 573-634-9180

View our Resources Directory for information about Probation Programs.

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