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Cole County Emergency Response Team Missouri Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC) Non-Emergency Deployment Request

  1. Requester Information:
  2. Agency making request
  3. Who should we contact if needed?
  4. Contact phone number
  5. Please check all items that your agency acknowledges or agrees to provide during the MEOC deployment:
    If selecting checkboxes for ICS-205 Incident Radio Communications Plan or MEOC Frequency Authorization Form click on applicable form to download to your computer. Fill out, save, and upload completed documents when submitting this form.
  6. Check applicable
  7. Check if applicable
    *See forms below
  8. Check if applicable
  9. check
  10. How many lines via satellite are needed? Rate of $50/mo.
  11. Check applicable
  12. check
  13. Circuit Types:
  14. Upload completed ICS-205 Incident Radio Communications Plan and/or MEOC Frequency Authorization Forms
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