What are Escrow Taxes?
Escrow taxes are funds which have been collected by a bank, loan, mortgage or service company from the property owner for the payment of taxes. These funds are usually collected monthly as part of the regular payment and held in escrow until the taxes are due. The lien holder will request the billing be sent to the lien holder’s address and should remit payment to the Collector’s Office on behalf of the owner. Please call 573-634-9124 for more information.

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1. What are Escrow Taxes?
2. What will happen if my mortgage company does not pay my taxes by December 31?
3. I recently purchased real estate; will I receive a bill this year?
4. My loan has been paid off. Will my mortgage company still pay the taxes this year?
5. I received my loan from one company, but now I send my payments to a different company. Which company will pay my taxes?
6. I have moved recently and have not received my tax bill. Who should I notify?