What if I disagree with my assessment?
The Cole County assessor's office takes pride in its relationship with all citizens concerning their property values and we invite anyone who disagrees with their assessment to contact us for an informal meeting. Informal appeals are not required and are at the discretion of each assessor. Please remember that the job of the assessor is to see that property values reflect current market values. To properly contest your property value, it is strongly suggested that you gather and present evidence that supports what your property is worth in the current market. Examples of pertinent evidence could include descriptive property photographs, certified property inspection reports, a recent appraisal, or information concerning recent sales in your neighborhood.

Normally, property value impact notices are mailed in May and informal appeals occur during the end of May and all of June. Formal appeals with the Board of Equalization must be appealed at the County Clerk's office the 2nd Monday in July. Formal appeals to the State Tax Commission are only allowed if you have gone through the Board of Equalization process first; State Tax Commission level appeals are usually held in September and October.

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