Cole County EMS operates a fleet of 14 Advanced Life Support Ambulances.

  • (7) Seven ambulances are in front line service daily. 
  • (3) Three ambulances are kept in “immediately deployable status”, these apparatus can be deployed at a moment’s notice in case of a large-scale incident or in instances when additional staff are needed due to increased system demand. 
  • (4) Four ambulances are kept as system reserves, these ambulances are utilized during maintenance of front-line apparatus.

 Each frontline and immediately deployable apparatus carry the following compliment of medical equipment:

  • Stryker PowerPro2 ambulance cots and Stryker PowerLoad system.
  • Zoll X-series defibrillator and 12-lead EKG monitor with wireless data transmission, transcutaneous pacing, NIBP, EtCo2, Spo2, invasive line monitoring, see through CPR and CPR feedback capabilities.
  • LUCAS 2 Mechanical CPR devices.
  • Stryker Stair Chairs.
  • Hamilton T1 Transport Ventilators.
  • McGrath Mac Video Laryngoscopes.

Current Apparatus:

Type I, Super Warriors from Osage Ambulances, built on a gas Ford F550 4x4 chassis.  (Two additional units on order, delivery anticipated November 2023) Photo of the Super Warrior Type I Ambulance

Type III, MX170 from Demers Ambulances, built on a gas Ford E450 chassis.Photo of the MX170 Type III Ambulance

Type III, Super Warriors from Osage Ambulances, built on diesel Chevy G4500 chassis. Photo of the Super Warrior Type III Ambulance