Stormwater Ordinance

The Cole County Stormwater Ordinance was adopted on December 7, 2021 to comply with our General State Operating Permit MOR04C058 issued for Cole County Phase II Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The stormwater ordinance and applicability area map may be seen below.

Cole County Stormwater Ordinance

Ordinance Applicability Area Map


  • To protect the safety and welfare of citizens, property owners, and businesses by minimizing the negative impacts of increased stormwater discharges from new land development and re-development.
  • To control the rate, quality, and volume of stormwater originating from development and re-development sites so that surface water and groundwater are protected and flooding and erosion potential are not increased.
  • To control point and nonpoint source pollution.
  • To protect the condition of state and US waters for all reasonable public uses and ecological functions.


  • This ordinance is applicable within the stormwater management jurisdictional area (which includes any unincorporated area of the Jefferson City Metropolitan Statistical Area as determined by the U.S. Census and a 1.0 mile buffer adjacent to this area as maintained by map within the County GIS.
  • The provisions apply to any new development or re-development site within this area that meets one or more of the following:
    • Land development or re-development that disturbs 1 acre or more.
    • Land development or re-development activities that are smaller than the minimum, but are part of a larger plan of development.
    • Land development of any size that involves construction, re-construction, or alteration of any stormwater drainage facility.