Logistics Chief Michelle Brade, NRP

Logistical support, procurement, and long-range capital planning for Cole County Emergency Medical Services is led by Logistics Chief Michelle Brade. Chief Brade accepted a promotion to Logistics Chief in January 2020 as a way to help others have the needed equipment, save the taxpayer money whenever possible, and ensure that the best possible care is delivered to the community.

Michelle, originally a California native, started her career in EMS in 1998 after obtaining a Missouri Emergency Medical Technician license. Chief Brade initially started part-time with Osage Ambulance District before becoming full-time with Capital Regional EMS. Her interest in helping those with medical needs has been a desire since she was a little girl. She originally went to EMT school because a friend of hers did not want to take the class alone. Chief Brade’s passion for the community and helping those in need only continued to grow, and decided to further her education and ability to make a larger impact on the community by attending Paramedic school. She became a Nationally Registered and Missouri Licenses Paramedic in 2003. 

Chief Brade continued her service to the citizens of Cole County when Cole County Emergency Medical Services was formed by a vote of the community. During her more than 20 years of serving the community, she has dedicated her time to be actively involved in community outreach, continuing education to ensure she is as prepared as possible for the needs of her patient’s, and being a leader within the orginization, even before she was promoted. Chief Brade strives to be a servant leader and holds high expectations of herself and others.

Chief Brade’s family the is most important aspect of her life, just ahead of serving her community. When not working on large projects at work, can be found running her children to hockey practices during the week and games on the weekend. She has been married for 11 years to a outstanding man who shares her passion for the healing arts as a Nurse Anesthetist. She has five children, three which have graduated from high school and started their own journey into adulthood. Her two youngest are in elementary school and keep her on her toes.