Request An Ambulance For Your Event

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EMS Public Relations Request

Please utilize this request to invite a Cole County EMS Ambulance to attend a public relations event, give a presentation, provide ambulance tours, etc. in our community.  Our agency will do everything it can to attend scheduled public relations events.  However, emergency calls for service may interrupt or prevent our attendance.  Should this happen, we will do our best to arrive or return as soon as possible. 

 EMS Public Relations Form

EMS Standby Request

Please utilize an EMS Standby Request when a dedicated ambulance is required to remain at your event to provide standby medical coverage.  Due to the operational costs associated with this type of request, a fee of $130 per hour will be charged to the requesting party. 

EMS Standby Request Form

Please Note: Non-Profit Organizations, excluding sporting events, may be able to have the hourly fees waived for a dedicated ambulance, at the discretion of the County Commission.  If you feel your event and organization qualifies, please contact the County Commission to speak with a County Commissioner about your request.

CCEMS Ambulance