Request An Ambulance For Your Event

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EMS Publice Relations Request

A EMS Public Relations Request is needed when an ambulance is requested to attend an event, give a presentation, provide ambulance tours, etc. to members of the community.  These types of request are filled on a first come, first served basis and all units remain available for emergency assignments. Our agency will do everything it can to attend the event calls volumes can increase unexpectedly causing a unit to suddenly be unable to attend. Our team will try to send a unit as soon as possible should this happen. EMS Public Relations Form

EMS Standby Request

A EMS Standby Request is needed when a dedicated ambulance is required to remain on site for the entire event and not be subject to being called away for an emergency assignment elsewhere. There are hourly charges for this type of request since an additional unit is staffed to ensure our primary responsibility is not impacted by having a unit normally used to cover the community for 911 calls out of service at your event. EMS Standby Request Form

Please Note: Non-Profit Organizations, excluding sporting events, may be able to have the hourly fees waived for a dedicated ambulance, at the discretion of the County Commission. If you feel your event and organization qualifies, please contact the County Commission to speak with a County Commissioner about your request.

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