(MEOC) Non-Emergency Deployment Request

Cole County Emergency Response Team Missouri Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC)

Non-Emergency Deployment Request

Purpose: Use this form to initiate a request for a non-emergency deployment of the Missouri MEOC. A non-emergency deployment request is any request received from an authentic Region F public safety entity for an event that is not actively engaged in critical life-safety response, other disaster, or as a pre-planned request for an upcoming event such as a parade, festival, or other large gathering. Non-emergency deployment requests are handled on a first-come, first served, and as-available basis, provided that the mission to be served by the MEOC and crew during the event support the overall mission and training plan of the MEOC. The MEOC is subject to recall from ALL non-emergency deployments immediately if an emergent request is received that conflicts with a non-emergency deployment.

Overview: The Cole County Emergency Response Team (CCERT) is custodian of a Type II Mobile EOC as defined in FEMA document 508-2.

  • Dimensions: The MEOC is a 40 foot long, 38-thousand pound, self-propelled vehicle. The MEOC, when deployed has one slide-out on each side of the vehicle. The travel height is 14 feet. The vehicle must be deployed on a level site capable of supportingthis weight in all weather conditions. The site must provide sufficient space to establish an isolation/access perimeter aroundthe vehicle.
  • Crew: The MEOC is deployed with a nominal crew of four personnel who are trained in the setup, deployment and maintenanceof the MEOC. A larger or smaller crew may be deployed on non-emergency deployments.
  • Radio Systems: The MEOC contains six high-band VHF radios, one UHF radio, one Low-Band VHF radio, and one 700/800 MHz radio. All VHF units are MOSWIN compatible on regional and statewide interoperable talkgroups. All of these radio units are integrated to the dispatching system. Full spectrum Amateur Radio service equipment is also included on the vehicle.
  • Radio Dispatching System: The MEOC is equipped with a Telex C-Soft radio control/dispatching system. Three fixed dispatch positions are in the forward portion of the body. Three additional dispatch positions are available on deployable laptops. Agencies will want to provide pre-planning information to CCERT for console customizations such as two-tone/dtmf paging, local speed dials, radio channel information, etc.
  • Antenna Support Mast: The MEOC is equipped with a 56-foot telescoping mast capable of supporting up to four antennas deployed on the mast. The mast is equipped with a high-resolution camera, and a thermal camera that can be controlled from inside the MEOC.
  • High Speed Internet: The MEOC is equipped with a 1.2meter satellite dish that provides high-speed Internet access. The contracted access speed is 3.0MB x 1.5MB. Additional bandwidth is available for a fee on a per-day basis.
  • Telephone System: The MEOC is equipped with a telephone system including 24 telephone sets. Phones are pre-programmed representing the major operational roles expected in an EOC environment. The Public Switched Telephone Network is accessed through one of the following methods: Cellular telephone (2 lines), Satellite dish (4 lines), or through local hard-wired connections (Maximum of four 2-wire, loop-start analog lines, or one T1/PRI digital trunk). Per minute charges are incurred with some connections. Each phone is equipped with voicemail. Local hardware phone lines or additional lines require requesting agency to coordinate and contract for those lines from their telco provider. Additional lines via satellite system (maximum of 20 additional) are available for a fee, on a per-month basis, and may require additional access bandwidth.
  • Video & Voice Recording System: The MEOC is equipped to record up to 8 channels of video, and all radio and telephoneconversations. Archives of video and audio recorded at an event are available upon request.
  • Computing Assets: The MEOC is equipped with ten general-purpose laptops loaded with Windows Operating Systems andMicrosoft Office software. A centralized PC server provides domain services and file sharing access. User accounts are role-based and have an associated email address pre-configured.

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Non-Emergency Deployment Request Forms

Online Fillable  Form -Cole County Emergency Response Team Missouri Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC) Non-Emergency Deployment Request Form - online form


PDF Version - Non-Emergency Deployment Request Form  *NOTE:  This is a fillable pdf form but for best results download the form to your computer and fill out rather than filling the form out in your browser.