Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC)

Mobile Emergency Operations Center

ERT maintains a Type II Mobile EOC that provides interoperable emergency communications and incident management resources to tactical environments.  When a multi-jurisdictional incident occurs, being able to communicate to and from all responding entities and manage the overall incident are key concerns.  The Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC) can respond to assist in these tasks.

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Key Benefits

  • Interconnected voice radio systems covering multiple bands
  • Full featured phone system with voicemail
  • Can serve as basic 911 answering point
  • ICS Role-based computers with office applications installed
  • Broadband Internet access
  • IP Video Teleconferencing
  • Customized radio dispatching console solution
  • 56 foot telescoping mast
  • Self-contained, redundant power-generation capability
  • Voice and video distribution & recording system


The MEOC contains numerous radio and IT systems on-board that provide interoperable communications and incident management functionality to a multi-jurisdictional tactical environment.  Once on-scene MEOC personnel will assist in determining needs, creating a communications plan, and deploy and operate equipment necessary to meet the planning objectives.

Interoperable Communications

At the heart of the MEOC communications system is a Telex-Vega interoperability and dispatching solution. Each major radio system (LoVHF, HiVHF, UHF, 700/800) are connected to the radio console. The on-board phone system is also connected to the system enabling the MEOC to establish links between dissimilar radio system users, and can further permit them access to the public switched telephone network from their traditional radio unit. 

Properly Trained Personnel

Personnel assigned to the CCERT MEOC have specialized skills including: Communications Unit Leader (COML), Communications Unit Technician (COMT), telecommunications engineer, firefighter, information technology, incident dispatcher, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), electrical systems, Paramedic (EMT-P), and Amateur Radio Service operator.  These wide-ranging skills ensure that your incident planning objectives are understood by MEOC personnel.  All MEOC personnel are trained in the Incident Command System.

 Voice and Data - Including Internet

The ERT MEOC contains radio systems that cover a wide range of public safety and general purpose frequencies. In addition to the radio systems listed above, the MEOC also contains full spectrum amateur radio systems. The MEOC is equipped with a 1.2-meter satellite Internet auto-acquisition system that can provide Internet access to the incident site within 7 minutes in virtually any environment.  The MEOC has full Wi-Fi systems (802.11a/b/g) on-board providing network connectivity to unwired computing platforms.  Further, the MEOC can provide telephone network access via satellite, cellular and hard-wired circuits. The MEOC can function as a basic 911 answering point.

Mobile Emergency Operations Center Equipment

The ERT MEOC brings the necessary essentials to assist a jurisdiction to establish an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in a field environment. If a structure is available within 1000 feet of the vehicle location - MEOC personnel can extend cabling to that structure enabling the setup of tables, chairs, laptop computers, and phones.   If a suitable structure is not available, ERT can deploy a 19' x 35' insulated shelter system and can establish an EOC in nearly any environment.  A tactical repeater operating on either VTAC36 or VTAC 37 is also available, along with a wireless mesh video surveillance system.

The Mobile Emergency Operations center was designed and built for the Cole County Emergency Response Team and was funded by:

Cole County

 City of Jefferson, Missouri

Missouri State Emergency Management Agency

Missouri Department of Public Safety

Missouri Department of Homeland Security

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