Hazardous Materials Response

Hazardous Materials Response

The ERT is a fully equipped hazardous materials response team with full capabilities as it relates to response, science, entry, mitigation, and decontamination at an incident scene. When an incident occurs, the jurisdiction in charge contacts the Jefferson City/Cole County joint communications center and will request the ERT.  ERT deploys with personnel trained in hazardous materials response up to the Technician level in accordance with OSHA 1910.120 and NFPA 472.

Key Benefits

  • Fully equipped response with properly trained personnel.
  • Extensive equipment for product detection and monitoring.
  • Full decontamination capabilities for equipment and personnel.
  • Capabilities

Properly Trained Personnel

ERT responds with personnel that have been properly trained, and receive continuing education in accordance with applicable regulations. ERT has all three levels of training represented on our team from Awareness to Operations to Technicians.

Detection and Monitoring

ERT responds with numerous remote detection gas and radiation sensors, as well as portable detection equipment like the HazMat ID, Combustible Gas Indicators, Photo Ionization Detectors, Colorimetric Tubes, APD2000, Geiger-Mueller tubes, and RAE Systems Gas/Gamma Monitors.

Full Decontamination

ERT has a full suite of decontamination capabilities ranging from limited decon for a small number of individuals and equipment, to mass decontamination for dozens of personnel at a high sustained rate using a specialized decontamination tent and trailer. ERT responds with the most common solutions required to successfully decontaminate personnel and instruments after an incident. In addition, ERT also carries a substantial cache of clothing for redress once decon is completed.

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