Fee Schedule


Cole County Emergency Medical Services is funded by three mechanisms: 1) percentage of sales tax, 2) fees for service, 3) general revenue to make up any remaining cost that the first two are unable to cover.

CCEMS billing rates are set by the Cole County Commissioners. Rates are determined based on the costs of operating the Department. We charge an applicable base rate and mileage for all transports. Patients who receive treatment and are transported by other means or refuse ambulance transport are assessed an applicable base rate for services rendered.

Service Level Description Fee
Advanced Life Support - Emergency (Level 1) $1,050
Advanced Life Support - Emergency (Level 2) $1,365
Advanced Life Support - Non-Emergency $950
Basic Life Support - Emergency $750
Basic Life Support - Non-Emergency $550
Treat - No Transport $350
Paramedic Intercept $220
Transport Mileage - Per Loaded Mile $20
Inter-Facility Wait Charge $65
Additional Unit $125