Treatment Protocols

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Cole County EMS believes in providing our patients the very best medical care possible. Our treatment protocols are the standards of care our staff uses to guide them in the treatment of their patients. Every patient’s medical condition is different and our staff are capable of assessing and applying the appropriate care to each patient.

Below are our patient care protocols.  If another agency believes these protocols would be helpful for their patients, we encourage you to download them and if you would like copies that you can edit to make any changes, please contact CCEMS. 

CCEMS 2020 Intro & Adult Treatment Protocols

CCEMS 2020 Pediatric Treatment Protocols

CCEMS 2020 Drug Formulary Protocols

Please note, using these protocols in their current form is not authorized by any agency other than CCEMS. Agency Medical Directors will need to review and approve updated versions without CCEMS logos, etc.