Increased Court House Security - What to Expect
We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation in helping make the Courthouse a safer place to visit.

Effective November 19, 2008
The Monroe Street entrance to the Cole County Courthouse is the only entrance open to the general public. Individuals with disabilities will be assisted for access at the East Entrance located between the Cole County Courthouse and Annex Building. Signs are posted directing individuals with disabilities to the East Entrance elevator. Please push the button for assistance.

All who enter are required to pass through a metal detector to check for items that could be used as a deadly weapon. Any person who has a documented illness that prohibits them from entering the metal detector will be checked by hand.

When you come to the Courthouse, which is a restricted access building, you will be asked to remove shoes, suspenders, belts, or other items that do not pass the walk through metal detector. It is necessary to remove these items to ensure that there are no weapons hidden in shoes, wallets, coats, other clothing, etc.

All briefcases, purses, billfolds, boxes or other items that are carried on your person or in pockets, (except for paper currency) will be screened by an X-Ray machine.

Prohibited Items
  • Chemical Mace, Pepper Spray or other aerosol sprays
  • Firearms (loaded and unloaded)
  • Pocket knives
  • Razor knives
  • Scissors
If prohibited items are brought to the Courthouse, you are given an opportunity to take them off of County Property. Items you surrender will not be given back to you and they will be destroyed. Storage boxes are not available and items will not be held for you.

Every attempt is made to get people through as quickly as possible; however, security will not be compromised for the sake of speed. You are encouraged to arrive at the Courthouse at least 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
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