Animal Control

The Cole County Sheriff's Departments animal control division responds to over 600 calls per year ranging from animals at large, abuse or neglect, and vicious animal calls. This unit works diligently with the Jefferson City Animal Shelter to serve the citizens of Cole County.

Deputies in the animal control until utilize Missouri State Statute/County/Municipal Ordinances to uphold the rights of pets and their owners.  We serve our community in all of Cole Counties municipal and rural areas.

Reports of vicious dogs will be investigated by Cole County Animal Control Officers.  If an animal is deemed vicious, specific requirements must be met to retain ownership.  For questions regarding vicious dog ownership please contact Cole County Animal Control at 1-573-634-9160.

Animal Abuse

If you think an animal is being abused outside city limits, please contact Cole County Animal Control at 573-634-9160. We rely on you to tell us about suspected abuse or neglect.

No matter what the season please remember to make sure your pets have adequate food, water and shelter.