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Birth Certificates
You may obtain a birth certificate for yourself or a family member if you were born anywhere in the state of Missouri after 1920. The fee is $15 each; all forms of payment accepted.

Death Certificates
You may obtain a death certificate if the deceased passed away anywhere in Missouri after 1980. The fee is $13 for the first copy, $10 for additional copies obtained at that time. All forms of payment accepted.

How to Obtain Certificates
  • In person - Same day service is available to walk-in customers. Complete an application and pay the required fee by cash, check, or money order. Applicants must show identification when requesting certified copies of a vital record.
  • By Mail - Certificates can be obtained through the mail and are normally sent out the same day that applications are received. Mail-in requests must be notarized by an acceptable Notary Public.
Please mail your completed application/request form for birth or death certification along with a stamped self-addressed envelope, and a check or money order (payable to Cole County Health Department) to:
Cole County Health Department
Vita1 Records
1616 Industrial Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109

Acceptable Forms of Identification
Primary Documents
1 document is required:
  • A current school identification card/document showing applicant’s name, photograph, and date of school year
  • A current U.S. military identification card that includes a photograph
  • A state issued driver’s license that includes a photograph, date of birth
  • A state issued identification card that includes a photograph, date of birth
  • A U.S. passport with current photograph
  • Work identification card that includes the applicant’s name, photograph, and company name
Alternate Forms of Identification Documents
At least 2 alternate forms of identification documents must be used if applicant does not have a picture identification card when applying in person. Alternate documents must display name of applicant, may display date of birth, date of issuance (or year), must display institution, company or organization/agency name. Letter from government or social agencies:
  • A payroll stub that includes a Social Security number of applicant (cannot be handwritten stubs)
  • A W-2 form issued within last year in addition to a signed Social Security card (social security numbers must match)
  • Cancelled duplicate check (must show name, address, signature, and name of institution)
  • Certificate of vehicle title or registration documents
  • Court certified adoption papers that includes adopted parent(s) name
  • Insurance policy (health, home, life, etc.)
  • Medicaid/Medicare document or identification card
  • Military discharge document (DD-214)
  • Official certified deeds or title to property
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • School yearbook
  • Shelter name band (including name of shelter)
  • Social Security card or Social Security printout (print out of an applicant’s Social Security account of activities)
  • Utility bills which shows name and address of applicant (water, gas, electric, telephone)
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