Personal preparedness focuses on preparing equipment and procedures for use when a disaster occurs (e.g., planning). Preparedness measures can take many forms, including:
  • Construction of shelters
  • Creation of back-up life-line services (e.g., power, water, sewage)
  • Implementation of an emergency communication system
  • Installation of warning devices
  • Rehearsing evacuation plans
Preparedness Kit Supplies
Preparation Measures
There are 2 simple measures that can help prepare the individual for sitting out the event or evacuating, as necessary. For evacuation, a disaster supplies kit may be prepared and for sheltering purposes a stockpile of supplies may be created. The preparation of a survival kit such as a "72-hour kit," is often advocated by authorities. These kits may include food, medicine, flashlights, candles and money. Also, putting valuable items in safe area is also recommended.