Recorder of Deeds

  1. Marriage Licenses

    Learn about the requirements of getting a marriage license.

  2. Formatting Standards

    Documents that do not meet the requirements set forth in 59.005, 59.310 and 59.313 RSMo may be recorded for an additional fee of $25.

  3. Recording Fees

    Learn about the fees charged for services rendered through the Recorder's Office.

  4. Fee Table

    Review the fees associated with filing documents with the County Recorder.

  5. Plats & Surveys

    Find the recording requirements for plats and surveys.

  6. Military Discharges

    Military Discharge Papers

  7. Miscellaneous Documents

    Miscellaneous Documents

  8. E-Recording

    Cole County Recorder of Deeds accepts real estate documents for recording electronically.

  9. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

    Uniform Commercial Code