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Happy Holidays

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December 24th - 25th & January 1st

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Food Safety for the Holidays

As families gather this holiday season there are important food safety tips that can be followed to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Food Safety Tips


  • Keep raw food items separate from cooked items
  • Vegetables should be prepared away from raw food items such as meat, poultry and eggs


  • Refrigerate food items at 41 degrees F and frozen foods at 0 degrees F
  • Thaw frozen food items in the refrigerator or under 70 degrees F running water


  • Wash hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds before handling food items
  • Clean all food contact surfaces with warm water and soap
  • Do not rinse raw meat and poultry before cooking 


  • Turkey is safe to eat when internal temperatures reach 165 degrees F
  • Do not eat uncooked cookie dough as it may contain raw egg ingredients
  • Reheat all left over food items to 165 degrees F before consuming

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