1. Assessor's Office

    The Assessor's Office is responsible for the valuation of all the tangible real and personal property within Cole County.

  2. Auditor's Office

    The mission of the Cole County Auditor is to help make Cole County a safe place to live, work and raise a family.

  3. Circuit Court

    This Court is a State trial court where issues involving rights and responsibilities of individuals and Missouri laws are tried.

  4. Collector of Revenue

    The Cole County Collector of Revenue is responsible for collecting current and delinquent property taxes for the county and the various political subdivisions within the county which have an authorized property tax levy.

  5. County Clerk

    The County Clerk supervises elections and voter registration.

  6. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

    The Cole County EMS was established in 2009, and responds to over 10,000 calls per year.

  7. Emergency Management Agency

    The mission of the Cole County Emergency Management Agency is to protect the lives and property of all Cole County residents when major disasters threaten public safety in any community.

  8. GIS

    Geographic Information System

  9. Health Department

    The mission of the Health Department is to promote, protect and assure the health, safety, and quality of life through assessment, policy development and assurance, in order that our community will be a safe, healthy place for our citizens to live and raise families.

  10. Juvenile Division Prenger Center

    The Prenger Family Center serves a variety of needs. It is a licensed residential care center and can provide the residential services for up to 8 females and 6 males.

  11. Medical Examiner

    Meet the Medical Examiner of Cole County.

  12. Prosecuting Attorney

    The Cole County Prosecuting Attorney's Office prosecutes cases ranging from relatively minor traffic and misdemeanor offenses to serious felonies.

  13. Public Works

    Get information about the county's Public Works Department.

  14. Purchasing

    The goal of the Cole County Purchasing Department is to procure materials, supplies, equipment and services to meet the essential needs of county departments and elected officials at the lowest cost while remaining consistent with the quality needed for the proper and effective operation of county government.

  15. Sheriff's Office

    We at the Cole County Sheriff’s Office are a group of individuals dedicated to making life better and safer in Cole County.

  16. Recorder of Deeds

    Meet the Cole County Recorder of Deeds, and request services from their office.

  17. Treasurer

    The primary duty of the County Treasurer is that of custodian of all county fund monies (from receipting to reconciliation), and management of the county’s investment portfolio with an emphasis on liquidity and risk avoidance.